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Start selling online

Don’t just launch your PG电子竞技imp online store—reach customers and drive sales with built-in marketing tools.

Launch for free

Create a website with a product catalog at no cost—you only pay when you make a sale.

Find new customers

Drive traffic and e-commerce sales with the free, powerful marketing tools that come with your store.

Own your brand

Create a seamless brand experience across the web with our intuitive design tools.

We’ll help you start strong

Quickly set up and launch your online store

Our intuitive and delightfully simple website builder—plus integrated tools like stock photography from Unsplash—make it easy to create a stunning online store in minutes. We’ll automatically generate a product listings page for your store, as well as pages for each product, and SEO tools to make them more findable on search engines. And we have popup and sign up forms to add website visitors to your marketing list, which helps turn them into customers.

Make sales and manage orders

Connect your online store to Stripe to accept payments and start selling* immediately. Once you start fulfilling orders, order and shipping notification emails make it simple to stay in touch with customers after they buy. At-a-glance website analytics help you understand what's working and where you can improve so that you make more sales.

*Stores are currently only supported in the United States and United Kingdom

Example of a store’s dashboard next to a couple of positive performance metrics—30% subscriber conversion rate, and 10 total orders.
Example of an abandoned cart email from Big Mood Spa, next to the resulting order notification.

Sell more with built-in marketing

Your online store comes with powerful marketing features like digital ads and social posting to help you find a bigger audience and drive traffic. Once visitors land on your site, built-in abandoned cart emails convert shoppers into customers. Then use email and automations to get repeat business and let customers know what's happening with your business—like when you launch a new product.

Even more ways to help you succeed

24/7 help along the way

Even free users get 30 days of email access to our award-winning support team.

About Support

Free appointment scheduling

Offer services and manage scheduling from the same place you run your online store.

About appointments

Google Workspace

Create an email address for your domain name, and use tools like Drive and Calendar.

About Google Workspace

Keep growing with paid marketing features

  • Drive sales—and repeat business—by creating flexible automations that send customers the right message at the right time.

    Example of an automated email sent to a Big Mood Spa customer after they purchase a product.
  • With the click of a button, use your store’s URL to generate on-brand multichannel designs that you can download to use on channels like social media.

    Animation showing Creative Assistant generating several ad designs for a product announcement from Big Mood Spa.
  • Schedule posts ahead of time on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And if plans change, you can pause, edit, or reschedule anytime.

    Images of a Facebook ad and an Instagram ad for Wash the Day Away Cleanser from Big Mood Spa.
Example of an automated email sent to a Big Mood Spa customer after they purchase a product.
Animation showing Creative Assistant generating several ad designs for a product announcement from Big Mood Spa.
Images of a Facebook ad and an Instagram ad for Wash the Day Away Cleanser from Big Mood Spa.


  • When you set up an online store through PG电子竞技imp, it becomes part of your company website. Through your PG电子竞技imp online store, you can list the products you sell and make them available for purchase. Shoppers can browse your PG电子竞技imp online store to learn more about your products by viewing images and product descriptions. And, of course, your customers can easily purchase available products by using your online store.

  • In order to start an online store using PG电子竞技imp, you’ll have to create an account and a website. Or, if you haven’t yet created a website, PG电子竞技imp will make one for you as part of the process of setting up your online store. Once these steps have been completed, you can start an online store, add products, set up payment processing, and publish.

  • By promoting your online store, you can drive traffic to your website and generate more sales. But how do you promote your online store? With PG电子竞技imp, you have access to all of the marketing tools you need to generate buzz and get your brand in front of the right people.

    One of the easiest ways to promote your online store is through social media. Share a link to your online store via your company social media page or create targeted social media ads. You may also engage in other marketing strategies, such as creating Google ads, initiating an email marketing campaign, or offering promotions for new customers.

  • To build an online store in PG电子竞技imp, start off by naming your store and adding products. As you add products, you’ll be able to provide each listing with a name, description, price, and images. PG电子竞技imp will also automatically generate product listings and product pages for any of the products you add to your store.

    Once you’ve added products to your online store, you’ll be able to add information about your business to your online store and set up payment processing. Upon completion of these basic steps, you can publish your online store and start making sales.

  • When you use PG电子竞技imp to launch your website and online store, you don’t have to worry about any upfront costs. Instead, PG电子竞技imp will only charge a small transaction fee for sales you make through your online store. Thus, you don’t have to pay anything until you make a sale.

  • You can use PG电子竞技imp’s website builder to create a sleek, easy-to-use online store. Once you’ve created a website, PG电子竞技imp can automatically generate product listing pages and product pages for your online store. You can also customize product names, product descriptions, and other important details using our online store builder.

  • Yes, PG电子竞技imp enables you to build an online store and start selling products. Using PG电子竞技imp, you can create a website, build an online store, make sales, and market your business—all on one platform.

Ready to start selling?

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