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Make your brand’s message travel faster with digital ads

With our digital advertising software's powerful targeting options, you can reach the right user to your online store from Facebook, Instagram, and across the web with Google’s Ad Network.

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Find new people

Find those with similar interests as your contacts across advertising platforms.

Reach your contacts

You know what your audience likes—target them with ads they’re sure to act on.

Bring back site visitors

Retarget site visitors while they’re browsing on social channels or the web.

When you run online advertising campaigns through our ad tools, you can use your contacts to drive new people to your online store.

Recapture the attention of people who visited your site and bring them back at the right moment with retargeting ads built with our e-commerce ad platform.


  • E-commerce advertising refers to marketing activities that lead online shoppers along a customer journey. Using e-commerce advertising platforms, business owners can create and publish digital ads that aim to reach a wide audience, drive traffic, and increase conversions. Using PG电子竞技imp’s Customer Journey builder, you can create a customer journey for your business and implement an e-commerce advertising strategy with this journey in mind.

  • Digital marketing automation describes digital advertising software platforms and systems that allow businesses to automate some aspects of their digital marketing campaigns. Oftentimes, tasks that are tedious and repetitive can be automated in order to save your company time, energy, and money. For instance, you can use PG电子竞技imp to automate tasks such as follow-up emails that are sent to customers after they complete a purchase, and which may ask for feedback or suggest other products.

  • Digital marketing tools are designed to promote a brand on digital platforms by expanding its reach, connecting with a wider audience, and engaging with shoppers through digital mediums. PG电子竞技imp offers a suite of digital marketing tools that enable you to establish and grow your company’s online presence.

    Whether you want to build an email marketing campaign, design a sleek website, or review customer analytics, PG电子竞技imp has the resources your company needs to remain competitive in the digital marketplace.

  • PG电子竞技imp enables you to automate advertising for your e-commerce store, making it easier for you to connect with the right customers at the right moments. You can set up automations that are triggered by customer actions or behaviors.

    For example, you can set up abandoned cart emails that encourage customers to follow through with a purchase or follow-up emails that allow you to re-engage with customers by asking for feedback or offering product recommendations.

  • Leverage our digital advertising platform to optimize advertising for your online store. You can run Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads through PG电子竞技imp in order to reach a wider audience and further establish your brand.

    To create a PG电子竞技imp ad, the first step is to connect to the digital advertising platform of your choice, whether that’s Facebook/Instagram Ads or Google Ads. Once your account has been connected to your preferred digital advertising platform, it’s time to choose the audience you’d like to target. You can choose to target your entire PG电子竞技imp audience, an audience segment, or another specified group. You’ll also set a budget and schedule for your digital ad campaign.

    When it comes to the ads themselves, you can create your digital ads using PG电子竞技imp. In our Ad Builder, you can add photos, GIFs, graphics, and more, along with a personalized message for your audience. You’ll also be given the opportunity to insert a link that redirects those who click on the ad to the page of your choice.

    Once you’ve completed the above steps, simply review your content, enter payment information, and submit your ad!

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Your cheat sheet to optimize ad images

When you run Google, Facebook, and Instagram ad campaigns through PG电子竞技imp, you can use your contacts to find new people who are likely to love your brand.